Stage Rental

Need a small platform or a large performance stage? With our state of the art modular stage system, we can create customized staging to meet your needs with unlimited flexibility at a low cost. Master Mixx staging system is used to configure many shapes and sizes including modeling runways (“T” or “Y”), sound wings, drum risers and circular stages. Our stages can be placed to fit your venue’s need whether it is an outdoor stage on a Slopped surface to an indoor stage. Master Mixx takes safety seriously! Our staging is strong and durable enough to keep professional acrobats, dancers and Performers comfortable and worry-free. 


Stages include one stair unit and Hand Rails at no extra cost.

Delivery (within Tucson city limits) Setup and break down fees are included in stage rental cost.


$100 Per Panel

(Each panel is 4'x8' and ranges from 4' to 7' in height) 

Honeycomb Non-Slip Surface
Basic Setup 8'x16'
Pro Setup 16'x24'
Various Heights
Basic 8' x 16'
Pro 16' x 24'
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Linen Rental

Wedding linens present the perfect opportunity to add style and character to your wedding décor, no matter the overall theme, look or feel of your event. To add that desired pop color and brilliance to your wedding design use napkins, tablecloths, or chair covers.


When your guests enter their eyes are first drawn to the table tops and the wedding linens. The linens take up the most surface area in the room and they are an important design piece helping to tie in your other decorative decisions. With the right wedding linen rentals, you can ensure you are creating the atmosphere you envisioned.

Round Tablecloths

Our tablecloths are available both in your choice of 100% Polyester or Satin materials. 


90" Round  $8  

(lap length on 60" table)

108" Round  $10  

(lap length on 72" table, floor length on 48" table, approximately 1' above ground on 60" table)

120" Round  $12 

(floor length on 60" table, approximately 1' above ground on 72" table)

132" Round  $14  

(floor length on 72" table)

Rectangle Tablecloths

60" x 102" Long  $8  (lap length on 6' table)

60" x 126" Long  $8  (lap length on 8' table)

90" x 132" Long  $12  (floor length on 6' table)

90" x 156" Long  $14  (floor length on 8' table)


Our premium dance floor is 100% waterproof and designed for indoor and outdoor use. Interlocking panels ensure the dancefloor will stay together and its wood grain vinyl allows flexibility on light uneven surfaces. Its No Walk Technology ensures the dance floor stays put all throughout your event. (Additional fees may apply for ground preparation on grass or rock)


Dance Floor Setup/Breakdown fees are included in rental price and an additional flat $40.00 delivery fee within Tucson City Limits. 


Only $1.10 Per Square Foot

Maple Dance Floor
Bottom Grip Design
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Oak Dance Floor
Elegant Finish
Stylish Design
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